When it all began…

Oddly enough, I don’t get asked this question very often, which I consider odd because I’ve frequently been asked, “so what is your plan for college?” and I’ve answered with, “oh I want to major in English and creative writing” ever since I knew it myself – which was between two-and-a-half and three years ago.  I remember always being fascinated with words and writing – I was an avid reader, and I think I started writing at least more than 7 or 8 novels before I was old enough to really put the work into making it a serious, mature project.

Truthfully, though, up until almost three years ago, I wanted to be a veterinarian, not a writer.  But, to put it in a nutshell, God whacked me on the head and told me a thing or two about what His plan for me is.  Now, I’m not saying that my writing is “inspired,” exactly, but I do believe it’s what I’m to be doing with my life – creative writing, especially.

Ever since that time a few years ago, I’ve begun to truly pursue improvement, and now I’m an obsessive learner.  I try every way I can to get better – getting critique, joining literature communities, and getting read!  Including this blog, I post my writing on four other websites – and all of them have helped me improve tremendously. More about my creative writing will be in future posts, as I may post some of it here:)

Well I think that’s it for now, but until next time, thank you for reading!


8 thoughts on “When it all began…

  1. kprivette12 says:

    Sounds like it was meant to be! What novels/stories did you read to get into that fervent rhythm and desire to learn more?
    I too love the idea of creative writing. High school English always seemed to hold the students back with trivial prompts based on literature that is frankly out of date with today’s times and readers. Now in college we finally have more freedom with what we read and write. I don’t know about you, but I feel a lot more mature energy flowing when folks read my work here! I look forward all of us finally exploding those creative vats and putting it to paper!

    • InkSplashes says:

      Well I was home-schooled for a lot of my elementary school years, and my parents gave me books to read that eventually got me way beyond my reading level. I read “Robinson Crusoe,” Hans Christian Andersen stories (they were a favorite of mine), most of the YWAM Christion Heroes: Then and Now books, Aesop fables, “Where the Red Fern Grows,” etc. Needless to say, I was always intrigued by these stories, and it got me inspired, I guess:) It payed off too – I have three different novels in progress right now, along with more than ten short stories and countless poems.
      I don’t think I agree with your idea that high school literature class books are “out of date,” though… But then again, I went to a very good private Christian school for middle school and high school. Honestly, I don’t think I’d be a writer today if I hadn’t read what my lit teachers assigned me. Homer, Virgil, Fitzgerald, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Schall, Dickens, Lewis, Milton, Dostoyevsky……… all those and so many others taught to think, and influenced me to come to appreciate reason and thought and logic. I think high schools SHOULD be giving their students these books.
      But enough with my ramblings:) Thank you for commenting!

  2. jmortensen11 says:

    Wow, I am very impressed with your descriptions of your writing history. Even beginning to write 7 or 8 novels is impressive at any age, let alone a young age. By the dedication that you obviously have to writing I don’t know how you can say that you aren’t an inspired writer. It seems like you are inspired by everything. Given all of that, I am glad that God whacked you over the head, and you decided to follow a carreer path in writing. How exactly did God whack you in the head and tell you his plans though? I’m just curious.

    • InkSplashes says:

      Well…when I say “novel”…… At that age, it never amounted to more than a couple of pages. But now I’ve got three different novels under way, along with more than ten short stories and countless poems in progress. I’d say that my reading habits were more what influenced me to be a writer than my “writing” attempts:)
      And I didn’t mean that I’m not an inspired writer – I get inspiration daily… sometimes at very inconvenient times, too – just that I don’t know about being inspired by God with what I write. I do try to keep good morals and admirable personality traits in my characters, but I don’t think I’ll be writing the next “Pilgrim’s Progress.” That’s all I meant by what I said in my post:)
      Oh dear… are you sure you want the long story?:) Well ok, it was a gradual thing, as I’m sure you can imagine. Up until early in my senior year of high school, I wanted to be a Veterinarian, even though Literature continued to be my favorite class by far. Hints were poured on me (I realize now…) in the form of a series of lectures my lit teacher gave to the whole high school and my class specifically over a period of months.
      Then we had a guest speaker come to address the whole secondary school (7th-12th grade), and he explained his job – movie script editing and advising. He explained that Hollywood script writers don’t understand what “good story” is anymore – and he gave a few examples that I agreed with. Stories that were creative, maybe, but weren’t really GOOD. They weren’t stories that would become classics. Why? Because many – not all, there are exceptions – don’t read the good stuff anymore: Homer, Virgil, Fitzgerald, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Schall, Dickens, Lewis, Milton, Dostoyevsky… They don’t know what a good story is because they haven’t been trained to recognize one.
      I drank in all the ideas the lecturer was putting forth, with a fervor that I hadn’t realized I had. And at that moment it clicked (er, “whacked”): I have ideas that I care about, and I have things I want to say. I may hate essay writing, but who says I can’t write creatively? (At this point, I had already been very slowly working on my first novel for a couple of years.) Why shouldn’t I be able to express these ideas and have people read them and be influenced by them?
      I remember going to my mom that night and saying (quite nervously, because I’d been very firm in my Veterinarian choice) that I didn’t want to attend a public university and study pre-vet – I wanted to go to a private (preferably Christian) university and major in English and be a creative writer. I remember her smiling and asking me why I thought this would upset her – she was proud that I’d finally realized what she’d known all along: that I was wired to write.
      ……..Anyway, that’s the long version. I didn’t originally include it in the post BECAUSE it’s long, but there you have it:)

  3. dhyslop11 says:

    I always thought that I would be a veterinarian, yet found myself getting whacked over and over until last year when I finally realized that I wanted to pursue writing. Like you I am not as good at writing essays, but in creative writing I have a blast. When I was a child I thought that writing was that boring thing that we did in school, while I considered reading a kind of storytelling. I devoured books, to the expense of my other classes, yet not once in grade school did I think about writing being my thing. What could I write? Now I realize that as I am getting older, I have way more things to write about. At the time I didn’t realize that what I was missing was the experience not the whole talent. In fact I didn’t know this about myself until last year, and it took a couple of Major changes. I started here with a Biology major, which moved up to a Biology+ Mathematics double Major which again proceeded to become just Mathematics. I was good at these things, but they didn’t satisfy me the way writing a good story does. I was being pushed from one side (my teachers) to become a scientist, or doctor. Then from the other side God was pulling on me and saying, “come here this is what you need to do.”

    • InkSplashes says:

      Well I can’t say I went through quite that many major changes, but I have had a hard time choosing a double major. My dad is all worried about what kind of job you get with an English degree, so he wants me to pair it with something else and then do a year of grad school to get a teaching certificate. Now I’m an English/History double major….and I have 4 more years instead of 3…

  4. Stevie McAllister says:

    I think it’s great you’re sharing with the world the power of writing. It was never a question for me. I settled on being a Writer from a young age, although I’ve expanded to editing because i cannot support myself financially on writing alone. But, I will say that I grew out of my shell through writing and learned a lot about who I am.

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