Posts and Preferences

Hello readers!

Since I’m going to be updating this blog bi-weekly, I decided that I should probably lay out what you can begin to expect from me, as far as posts go. One post will probably always be one of three things: a post that features a famous quote by an author I love, followed by me discussing that quote and author; a post in which I present one of my many pieces of creative writing; or a post where I just write about random events/ideas/anecdotes that come up in my life and would make a good blog post. The first two will probably happen more often, but I’d actually really like to know what you would be interested in seeing for that second option. I won’t do that every week, but when I do, would you rather see prose or poetry?

The other weekly post will be dedicated to the prompt my Writing 200 Professor gives us to write about every week, and  – just so y’all know – I’ll try to keep class assignments and discussions limited to that post. I realize that not all of my readers will be my classmates and Professor, so for those of you that aren’t, please bear with me on those posts:) Thanks!

I’d love to get feedback about what you’d prefer to see from me (about the poetry vs. prose thing), so until next time, thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Posts and Preferences

  1. Stevie McAllister says:

    By the way is H-A-Cooke from d.A.: I think you should post work you really want feedback on. 🙂 We’ll read it and give you ideas.

  2. micah says:

    Your prose is quite engaging and enjoyable. More prose, please!

  3. InkSplashes says:

    Ok, thank you for your input! 🙂

  4. jweinert12 says:

    I always like to hear poetry, and no one else has said that, so I’ll throw in my support for poetry! What kind do you write?

    • InkSplashes says:

      Well thank you for your input! I was already planning on posting both, so I’m glad I got support for both 🙂 I write a lot of different kinds of poetry…I’d say most of it would be classified as “emotional” poetry, but I also do some human-nature, narrative, and descriptive poetry too. I’d like to make it clear, though, that WHATEVER I post, I’d very much appreciate critique on! I LOVE critique because I want so very much to improve, so never, never hesitate on giving me critique. 🙂

  5. I’m torn between prose and poetry actually. I enjoy reading poetry from an author I can know, but I also would like to become familiar with process that a writer goes through in working on pieces. I’m gong to have to decide on supporting the prose option, but poetry is a close second. What if you, when posting about poetry or prose, included the inspiration for that piece as well? Give the readers a little bit of history so that they can understand the motivation a little better. Maybe it’ll help people who don’t know where to look for inspiration. Anywho, looking forward to more posts and enjoy this week.

    • InkSplashes says:

      Thank you for commenting! I’ve gotten votes for both, so I guess I’ll just alternate between the two:) And sure, I can explain the background and inspiration behind each piece. Are you asking just out of curiosity or because you’re looking for inspiration yourself?

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