My Creative Writing: Poetry

This time I’m going to show you a poem that I wrote. This particular poem was written almost a year ago, when I was vacationing in California. I got the inspiration while I was sitting on a beach in San Diego, right in front of the ocean where the waves crashed and the wind blew a cool breeze. There were countless birds in the sky, and the sun’s light made the sand look like pure gold. Anyway, these colors and the birds gliding on the breeze gave me the idea for this poem.  As always, be free with your critique!  And thank you for reading!


The Griffin

With wings soft as down
And beak fixed in a permanent frown,
The Griffin soars in open sky,
Reveling in his talent to fly!
But be not deceived by his fearsome face,
For it is as noble, powerful and endowed with grace
As it is ferocious and wild, impossible to tame.

His eyes sparkle red and gold,
And his coat is truly a sight to behold;
Smooth and sleek, it glows amber in the setting sun’s light
And under the moon it shimmers silver and white.
His ruff rises like hackles at the slightest threat
And his tufted ears prick, for though not one to fret,
He’ll not relax until he knows the danger has passed.

Tall, strong and majestic he stands;
With wings spread wide, the ground shakes when he lands.
All are awed by his legendary fame
But only some are privileged enough to know his name.
Look for his shape among the clouds so high
And listen on the wind for his savage cry;
For you may yet be one of those few.

Who has the courage of heart and virtue of soul
To meet the Griffin on his towering knoll?


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