Bryan Davis Interview (and My Thoughts)

Hello readers! The video below is an interview of Bryan Davis, author of the Dragons in Our Midst series. Watch the video, and I’ll comment on it afterwards:)  …Sorry for the not-so-good quality……..

Well, what did you think? First off, I’d like to highly, highly recommend Davis’ books, partly because I’m a fantasy fanatic and so I love the storylines he’s created, but also because I love how he weaves Biblical truth into his stories, using the facts and painting his stories around them, filling them in and giving them new meaning. His books are amazingly deep, and they leave you almost gasping for breath as you experience the settings he creates. They make you really think too…they encourage you to examine yourself, seeking out what your beliefs really are and what they mean to you.

The other thing I found interesting is the way he said he got his idea for his first book (the first book in the Dragons in Our Midst series, called Raising Dragons): it all started out with a dream. Interestingly enough, dreams are where all three ideas for my three current novel projects came from!  Another similarity between him and me is our view on fantasy: his definition – or rather explanation of why fantasy is so important – is that it opens the reader’s eyes to the world around him. This is one of my goals in writing: to communicate truth and virtue through meaningful and deep storytelling.

I also thought his views on audience were very interesting, and very applicable to me as a teenage writer. I honestly can’t imagine “writing down” to an audience – I can’t imagine how I would do it, and I can’t imagine why. Reading – and therefore writing – should be an enriching experience. Sure, it’s ok to “pleasure” read now and again, but I don’t think it’s ever profitable to read trash. In the same way, I believe writers ought to know who their audience is, yes, but I think they – er, we – also ought to seek to enrich our readers, not simply tell them a story that has no lasting impact.  That’s just unsuccessful writing – what’s the point of writing something if we don’t intend for it to influence our readers?

Oh, Echoes From the Edge….. If you really want a trilogy that will stretch your mind to its limits, these are the books to read! I found myself absolutely lost in their convoluted plots and deep characters.  Bryan Davis really has a way of making his prose poetic in its beauty, and making you absolutely fall head-over-heels in love with his characters! I respect him immensely for both of those things, and I really hope to be able to spin tales and create characters as well as he does!

One final note: I love how he admits to his interviewers that he “lives the story right along with that characters” and is “carried along by the seat of his pants” as he writes these books. I’m mostly the same way – for my novels, I do a little bit of long-term planning, but most of the story “writes itself” as I just try and ride the river of description and dialogue. It’s an extremely enjoyable way to write, and I find that it results in successful writing.

So that’s it for now, but tell me your thoughts on this! What happens when you write? What did you think of this interview and this author? And, as always, thank you for reading!


4 thoughts on “Bryan Davis Interview (and My Thoughts)

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  2. Stevie McAllister says:

    The only point I disagree with is him not allowing his children to read Dark Fantasy. He’s only allowing his kids to read books he feels are teaching them good lessons. But, just like in Star Wars, how can you understand the world around you (the force) if you are unable to open your mind and willingly explore and understand the darker side of humanity (the dark side). I think that limiting kids from reading dark fantasy gives them a one-sided, unrealistic views of people, people aren’t inherently good, some people are truly self-serving (like Lord Palpatine) and conniving (like Lord Vader). I don’t know…I think that kids can’t get a full view of the world if they’re limited to reading books that only explore one religious, virtuous mind set.

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