My Creative Writing: Poetry

“Poetry most often communicates emotions, not directly, but by creating imaginatively the grounds for those emotions. It therefore communicates something more than the emotion; only by means of that something more does it communicate the emotion at all.”

Ah, if only I had been born years earlier than I was… I wish I could have met C.S. Lewis!  His wisdom and amazing talent of knowing exactly how to express himself are both qualities I envy.  And how true are his words in this particular quote!  It’s time again for me to show you a piece of my creative writing, and this time it’s a work of poetry, and it’s something a little different than the other pieces of poetry I’ve presented so far. The inspiration for it came from an event that caused me a lot of pain, though the events I described in the text aren’t exactly the same as what I experienced.  Anyway, thank you so much for reading, and don’t forget to leave me a comment! I’m ever open to critique. (:


I Will Love You

I remember that you and I loved each other once,
But oh, that fateful day…  I’ve cried forever since.
You wounded me with a stab mortally deep,
And yet, I will love you, even in eternal sleep.

The gaping wound you left has failed to heal;
It plagues me with a pain I’ll never cease to feel.
But I remember the green days of warmth and sun,
And am reminded that my love will ne’er be done.

Even in the deepest, darkest shadows of the night,
I will remember you as a white shining knight.
With that memory of you, my hope will restore,
And a bright faith will renew my love forevermore.

But even though you’re my white knight no more,
And have turned black by opening that fatal door,
Even when your clothes have been soaked in blood,
I can see your true face, now buried ‘neath evil’s flood.

So when the last crimson tears have been cried
And the many innocent souls you “freed” have sighed;
When 666 shades of red are all that color the dawn,
Even then will my undying love live on and on and on.

You don’t know what I go through every single day,
Watching your infamy grow amongst the criminal array.
To them, you’re a feared killer; to yourself, a last judge;
But to me you are a lost lover, one with a terrible grudge.

You see your actions as inflicting righteous punishment,
But I see the real evil, tearing you apart, rent by rent.
It cages your reason and slices holes in your sanity,
Forcing me to seek what I loved in you: your humanity.

As time slips away, unnoticed by my waiting heart,
Fear, despair and grief begin again to tear me apart,
Eating away at the faith and hope I kept alive for you.
So instead, I’ll love who you were before you said, “Adieu.”

I wish I could dream away this suffering and pain,
But without the torture, I know I wouldn’t be sane;
I wish I could go to sleep and escape this terrible hurt,
But the pain tells me it was real, every blush and flirt.

Maybe someday you’ll stop, recognize and repent;
Maybe you’ll realize what you’ve become with torment;
Maybe you’ll return to me, more in love than before.
But until then, know that I’ll always love you at my very core.


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