Influences and More Influences

I seem to get asked this question a lot – how does one thing or another effect my writing?  Well, this time it’s technology. Wow, what a topic.

In a lot of ways, it’s made publication much easier to achieve. People can communicate in more ways than they ever could in the past, so getting agents and publishers is also easier than it ever has been. Also, word processing has made writing faster and more convenient, though I think we all still love the feel of a pen in hand and the satisfaction of watching a paper fill up with ink. Social networking, including Facebook and blogging, as well as the many self-publishing websites bow enable writers to reach a wider audience with their work, both to seek more readers, but also to acquire critique and pursue improvement through online writing communities.

Although I can’t say that I’ve used any of our many kinds of communication to interact with agents or publishers, I can definitely say that word processing and social networking have had a huge impact on my own writing, social networking in particular. I can type faster than I can hand write anything, so word processing has been a great convenience to me, especially since I;m also a very organized person, so that organization is also an asset to me.

Social networking, however, has definitely influenced me a lot in the past few years. I’ve had three blogs and two other self-publishing sites up and running over the last two and a half years, and they’ve had a great influence on my improvement. The discipline of posting regularly and keeping up with all the different sites forced me to keep writing, and as I wrote, as I kept asking for critique and feedback on my pieces, I steadily improved. The writing communities I encountered also helped me to become more involved with the social side of writing, which also served to cause my passion and love for writing to flare and burn brighter than ever.

So yes, technology has immensely impacted and influenced me and my writing – a fact that I am happy to admit.


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