My Creative Writing: Prose

Hello again, dear readers! This week, I’m going to present another piece of short prose fiction that I’ve written, and this one is a romance short story!  I wrote it last October, so quite a while ago, but I’d definitely love to hear what you think of it(:

Thanks for reading, as always!


The First Kiss

The moment I saw him, my heart did something it had never done before.  Not that what happened was biologically unique… but it was the first time I felt it stop.  Not like a word, where you can just cut it off; not like a thought, where you can banish it to a depth in your mind that allows for no return; not like a book, which you can suddenly slam shut.  It stopped the way a light bulb is turned off: most of the light fading all at once, but the remnants of glow dwindling slowly from the tiny wire.  It stopped like the end of a song, when the bass note continues to echo in your ear, slowly losing its volume until you can no longer detect it.  My heart tingled as it stopped.  And jumped to life again as I saw him look up and recognize my car.

He was standing there, next to the road, waiting for me to appear around the bend, his breath making writhing clouds that haloed his face.  Lights from a house shone behind him, making his shape indistinct.  He was only a silhouette to my eyes.  A smile flashed across my face, but the realization that I was grinning like a fool – and that he couldn’t see it yet – didn’t shame me into a more disciplined composure.

He beckoned to me, so I parked quickly and got out, shivering at the suddenly cold air around me.  He’d invited me on a walk among the short, simple trails that twisted through the forest behind his neighborhood, so I followed him to the trailhead.  He surprised me by offering his hand, and I took it, a tingle rushing through me at the contact of his warm skin against mine.

We were quiet, content to be together as we held hands and watched the stars wink and shimmer in the clear night sky.  Not far down the first trail we chose, there was a bench off in the shadow of a large pine tree.  He led me to it and pointed out the small patch of sky you could see if you sat just in the right place, and looked up at just the right angle.

I studied the stars in the little patch of sky, conscious of his eyes on me.  Finally, when I looked at him and smiled, he leaned a little closer and whispered, “you’re crazy… you know that, right?  Are you sure this is ok?”

“Mhmm,” was all I could say with that smile on my lips.  The look in his eyes caused a stirring of emotion in me that was strange and alien.  I was afraid – of what, I couldn’t have said – yet excited and apprehensive.  If I had been the type of girl that blushed with emotion, I would have blushed a strawberry pink.  His forehead touched mine, and he whispered once more, “you’re crazy,” before closing the final distance between us.

I remember gasping a little at the beauty of the feeling.  Soft…warm…gentle it was.  It filled an emptiness in me that I hadn’t expectedcould be filled with this.  I, like every other girl in existence, had often longed for the feel of a pair of strong arms around me, a voice whispering in my ear with promises of safety, security and love.  His kiss was all of that at once: an unspoken promise that filled my heart to bursting with a sense of completeness.

I kept running my fingers over my lips on my way home, wondering if it had really happened.  One thing I didn’t need to ponder, though.

I loved him.


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