My Creative Writing: Poetry

Hey guys!  I think one of the best things about learning is that you also improve in whatever you’re learning about. I love looking back at my writing and seeing how far I’ve come! I used to write all fixed-form poetry, stuff that has fixed lines and syllable counts, as well as specific rhyme schemes, but now that I’ve grown more in my writing style and skill set, I’ve taken to writing a LOT more free verse poetry. So! Flash from the past, this is a poem I wrote almost a year ago, and it’s from that time when I almost exclusively wrote fixed-form poetry. I hope you like it! Tell me what you think, and, as always, thanks for reading!(:



There’s ice in my blood, in the blue veins,
and Pain whips its scorching-hot reigns,
yanking and tightening its cruel hold
until my whole body grows very cold…

Licking crimson fire and creeping cobalt ice –
they clasp my limp body in an iron vice
so steel-strong and diamond-hard
that the black cords leave me scarred…

The fire drags me into the deep black,
the ice shows me memories of way back.
Colors dance before my feverish eyes
and images roam with deafening cries…

Voices softly whisper and gently plead,
but I can’t hear that they and their words bleed.
They don’t realize that this mortal disease
isn’t visible, nor recognized with ease…

Painful? Certainly. Serious? Yes. Deadly? Aye.
But completely hidden from the human eye.
Outside I’m calm, composed, but fake,
the true illness lying buried but awake…

A toxic poison slowly spreading to its goal,
eating, chipping away at my blackening soul,
and my weak, fluttering excuse for a heart,
malady oh so stubborn, refusing to depart…

Thoughts and dreams of just one image:
a face – dragged from the past’s muddy dredge –
once sweet and dear, now loathed and despised,
a face which hid a black heart well-disguised…

He fills my head, my heart and my soul,
for my ignorance, my innocence he stole,
leaving me empty, alone and searching…
seeking, questing, looking, but never finding…

I fear my heart will remain vacant and closed
until the One, my doctor, calm and composed,
can come to drive the poison away forever,
replacing deadly disease with loving care.



Well, at long last, we finally got copies of my University’s annual art book, and my poem “Ink” got included! It’s not a huge publication, but it’s my first time getting my work put into anything that the public will read, so it’s pretty cool for me(: If you haven’t read my poem from a previous post, I’ve put it below. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support!



I wish I could inhale ink,
infusing my fragile body
with the ichor of inspiration
I wish it would mark me as its own
a beautiful child of the Muse
born to wield ink and pen
like a jagged ebony sword
I would be born with the ability
to sing truth and spin epics
I would be the quintessence
of a writing-imbued soul.

I wish the ebony liquid
of the poets and great storytellers of old
would seep its way into my veins
cloak my blood in thick shadow
color my hair in dark secrets
so that every glimpse of me
would echo with the whispers
of spider-webbed story
and tattooed poetry
every reflection of me would shriek
with the screams of unuttered truth.

My eyes would shine with dreams
full of wonder and glorious chaos
whirling with the ideas of humanity
and the conundrum of eternity
the beauty of nature
and the simplicity of children
the epics of ancient time
and the words of the new
the complexity of emotion
and the raw surge of knowing
what life really is.

What can control me but
the black splashes of feathery ink
on the pristine white of death?
I live for the moments of
licking fire and leaping flame
power infusing my words
as they reach out their hands
calling their siren songs
to those who have wistful souls
and beautiful minds
easily ensnared by eloquence.

I dance in the black pools
my heart melting in the shivery warmth
it is comforting, it is home
I sink into its depths
letting its art coat me with beauty
tattooing me in verse and story
with writhing patterns
and screaming words
my lungs inhale the poetic air
and I gasp as it sears me
with eternal heat

With every shuddering breath
I would breathe life into the bloody ink
I would be the embodiment of writing
I would be words incarnate
rumbling thunder would echo
in memory of my words
as they were etched into eternal stone
starspun threads of silver,
shining veins of life woven
amongst the ebony ink
I would live forever.

Sorry for the Sudden Hiatus! — My Creative Writing: Poetry

Hey everyone!  I know it’s been almost three weeks since I posted something, and there is a good reason for it, I promise!  School has been finishing up, and as of now I am in the middle of Finals week.  The school year ends this Friday and then I’m free for the summer!  So that’s why I haven’t been posting – I’ve been swamped with papers, projects, presentations, tests, and now finals, so I haven’t really had the time to post anything… Sorry about that!

But I’m back now and I bring more of my creative writing!  Oh, and I should hear soon whether the pieces I submitted got added to the book of art my University is publishing, so I’ll let y’all know as soon as I know!

Anyway, here’s a poem I wrote last year in August.  Each stanza represents a different kind of grief: stanza 1: loneliness, 2 and 3: the death of a loved one, 4: missing a loved one who is far away, and 5: disappointment/betrayal.  Thanks for reading!


Colorful Sorrow

Orange clouds,
Stone grey life,
Shim’ring shrouds…
Green mist haze,
Blood-red tears,
Empty gaze…
Full pink lips,
Blackened heart,
Sailing ships.

Heated blood,
Tender words,
Emotions flood…
Cold hard mind,
Warm body,
Words so kind…
Open grave,
Beating rain,
Standing brave.

Gone forever,
Empty rooms,
Ties to sever…
Time’s a blur,
White roses,
Are you sure?
Crystal drips,
Absence felt,
Blank fear grips…

Beaten gong,
Moonlight grass
Sad little song…
Silver lining,
Little bells,
A voice crying…
Long thin sighs,
Parted lips,
Golden eyes…

Ashen face,
Purple eyes,
Silken lace…
Yellow dress,
Bad tattoo,
Cobalt tress…
Mother’s eyes,
Saddened gaze,
Respect dies.