Books I Love But Others Love to Hate – Part 1

Reading is becoming a lost art.  FAR too many people have told me “I don’t read” or “I don’t think I’ve ever actually finished a real book before,” and it makes me want to cry.  And rant.  And (of course) write about it.  (Even though the only people who will read this are actually readers…)

I’m one of those people who became a bookworm and bibliophile the moment I learned to read.  I have my own personal library at home (I have about 140 books), and I’ve read all of them at least once (some of them more than 4 or 5 times).  Needless to say, I’ve read quite a few books – many of which have been novels and series that became popular within the last 5 years.  Of these books (the ones that have recently become popular), a few have been made into movies and therefore become hotly debated topics of conversation because of their added publicity and popularity.

So, in an effort to persuade people who “aren’t readers” to pick up a book “everybody else” is reading, I thought I’d start a series of posts about books I’ve come to love, but others love to hate.  I don’t know how long this series will last (it’s at least worthy of 2 or 3 more posts), but I’ll only cover one book (or series, or author) in each post.

For this post, it seems appropriate that I start with Stephanie Meyer and her books – The Twilight Saga and The Host.

Yes, I’m a Twilight fan – but not for the reasons I know all of you are thinking.  First off, I hate how people tend to lump the movies in with the books and call them the same thing.  They aren’t the same thing!  And this is coming from someone who has actually READ all the books!  Now I must admit, I do like the movies.  Yes, the first couple got off to a rough start because the cast wasn’t that great and they had small budgets, but once they got a little momentum, I think they’re a series of pretty well-made movies with mediocre-to-okay acting.

The books, however, are a whole different story (no pun intended).  I consider Stephanie Meyer to be a good author.  She’s simply a fantastic writer, and even though she’s been accused of taking cliches and somehow “remaking” them without actually remaking them well, her stories are deeper than that.  Beneath those first person narratives, there’s a pervasive theme that’s present in both the Twilight Saga and her novel, The Host: what does it mean to be human?  It’s a prevalent question!  All Meyer does is explore it in the context of a series of fiction novels.  In the Twilight books, the question is about whether vampires are still “human” in the sense that they retain essential elements of their humanity even after they’re changed into vampires.  In The Host, the question is whether the alien species that has invaded the earth and taken over humanity actually has elements of humanity in themselves, and whether being intimately linked with humans makes them more human.

Whether or not you care about these deeper topics, though, I think Meyer’s novels are worth reading simply because they capture a character’s perspective in a way that makes them easy to identify with and easy to understand.  Bella of Twilight and Wanda of The Host are admirable characters, and they have nuances to their personalities that you’re still discovering even as the story is coming to a close.  In short, Meyer’s characterization skills by themselves are worth witnessing.

One final note – because The Host was written after the Twilight Saga, the quality of writing is noticeably better, and it’s written more for an older audience than the Twilight books were.  Even if you’ve read the Twilight books and not liked them, I would still recommend reading The Host simply because it’s so different from the Twilight books.

What are your thoughts on this author?  What was your reaction when you read these books or saw these movies? Does my argument make you want to read them any more than you did before you read this post? I’d be very interested to hear your answers!  As always, thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Books I Love But Others Love to Hate – Part 1

  1. izzy110 says:

    I really appreciate the way you broke down your argument and used evidence to support it. If you would have just said, “Shut up guys Stephanie is a great author and vampires are cool,” I definitely wouldn’t have been interested. But I never thought of these things how you’re putting them, so well done 🙂

    • InkSplashes says:

      Thank you! I really hate how a lot of people won’t even consider trying things that pop-culture has rejected, and since Twilight has become one of those things, I thought I’d attempt to set the record somewhat straight (since I loved the books before any of the movies came out, and that’s when the Twilight-haters started gathering momentum). Have you read the books or are you any more motivated to read them now?

  2. mgardner007 says:

    Reading is certainly a lost art and it is truly sad to hear people say they almost never read. You do a good job making an argument that actually makes the books and movie interesting…although I must admit I know better 😉

  3. aorchard10 says:

    I like how you made an intelligent argument and supported it! I read the Twilight saga in high school and I really liked all the books! However, when the movies came out, they ruined the books for me. Then I read the Host and I agree, the writing is much better and the plot (I think) is more interesting. Great post!

  4. Shaundrea says:

    Great post! Sometimes I think people tend to hide the books they like, or lie about enjoying them because others make them feel somehow inferior as a reader. I read the entire Twilight series and The Host, and I actually liked Twilight better. 🙂 I’ll read just about anything and usually enjoy it as long as the story is entertaining.

    • InkSplashes says:

      Oh, definitely! And I think instead of keeping quiet in those kinds of situations, just have something intelligent to say about WHY you like the book, and the haters will shut up because they can’t criticize you for liking a book if you’ve got a valid reason. Oh, you liked Twilight better? Why is that? Vampires more your thing than aliens? 😉

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